Omar Hakim Category: Graphic Design, Web Design

What We Did
  • Logo & Element Design
  • HTML5 / CSS3 / Responsive Layout
  • Integrated HTML5 Music Player
  • YouTube Playlist Slider
  • Customized Tour Calendar

Designing the site for legendary drummer Omar Hakim presented a unique challenge, considering how he has resisted easy definition throughout his career. Following his pioneering work as a live performer and studio session musician, we built a tabbed retrospective history page that takes you on a visual tour through Omar’s musical journey, from Miles Davis to Madonna, and Dire Straits to Daft Punk. His music page features a customized HTML5 music playlist and an interactive, searchable album credit listing so fans can interact with his extensive catalog and organize the albums by genre, release date and more. Built from the ground-up with the mobile experience in mind, the site also features a specialized tour calendar, photo gallery, news blog, and custom YouTube playlist video player.